"Remarkable find" at Roman dig in east

KOSTOLAC -- Archaeologists have discovered a "remarkable jade sculpture" at the Viminacium Roman amphitheater in eastern Serbia.

This has been confirmed by the director of the Viminacium Archaeological Park, Miomir Korać.

Korać said that the sculpture was found during the excavations at the site.

“We have recently discovered a jade figure, 35 centimeters long, but unfortunately, it is not complete. The most fascinating thing about it is that it was made out of a single piece of jade. Also, the manner in which it was fashioned is extraordinary, which indicates that it was produced in a workshop which must have been located here,” Korać said.

“The Roman amphitheater in Viminacium is the only one of its kind in the central Balkans and southeast Europe, and its size and degree of preservation are impressive,” Korać explained.

According to him, the acoustics of the Viminacium amphitheater, which could host 12,000 viewers, is characteristic of Roman amphitheaters.

Viminacium is an archaeological site which stands on the grounds of former Roman military camp and capital of the Roman province Moesia Superior, occupying a total of 450 hectares. It dates back to the first century and contains archaeological remains of temples, squares, streets, Roman baths, amphitheaters, palaces and hippodromes.