Dinosaur exhibition hits Belgrade

BELGRADE -- Five years after its first outing, the Dinosaurs of Argentina exhibition has reached Serbia, at the Continental Hotel in New Belgrade.


Among the most attractive exhibits are the complete skeletons of seven dinosaurs, including a 14-meter-long gigantosaurus from the Cretaceous period and a 17-meter long rebbachisaurus, a herbivore from the same period.

The Belgrade exhibition will also feature a premiere: a nine-meter megaraptor, with 50cm-claws.

“We had a huge container that we transported by ship. This exhibition comes from Israel, and was first shown to the world in 2004, and since then it has been moving from city to city throughout Europe and the U.S., without any respite. Over a million people have seen this exhibition to date, and I’m sure that it will be a big success in wonderful Belgrade,“ said exhibition organizer Oscar Frachtenberg.

Besides complete skeletons, the public will also be able to see various skeleton parts, dinosaur eggs, nests, and footprint replicas, and take part in various workshops.

“This won’t be a passive exhibition. Kids won’t just have the chance to learn and see things live, but will also have wonderful workshops, quizzes,“ said Slavko Spasić, the museum’s curator.

The exhibition will run for seven months. Adult and children’s passes cost RSD 450 and 300 respectively.