B92 launches “all news” channel

BELGRADE -- B92 has launched its “all news” channel, B92 Info, this morning.

The channel will broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on all major cable systems in the country.

B92 decided to create the channel because research showed that there is a great interest for an “all day” news channel.

The broadcasting will also start over the internet soon.

B92 offers its viewers timely, verified, credible information around the clock, a statement from the company said.

The latest news from both home and abroad, covering politics, economy, society, cultural events, sports and entertainment will be available to viewers “without having to surf through the channels”, the statement said.

All of B92’s most popular news-related shows, including Poligraf, B92 Investigates, Insajder, Kažiprst, Dizanje, and sports programs, will be broadcast on the channel, which is seen as a natural progression of B92’s programming.

RDP B92 is a Belgrade-based radio, television, and internet media outlet. The launch of B92 Info is the biggest project of the company's television segment.