Eurosong: Estonians to sing in Serbian—of sorts

TALLINN -- Estonia's representatives in the forthcoming Eurosong 2008 will try a novelty approach to the competition.

The band, backup singers, and lyrics in Serbian (Photo:
The band, backup singers, and lyrics in Serbian (Photo:

Beta news agency reports from Tallinn that the Estonian contest winners, Kreisiraadio, will brave singing in Serbian as they battle for the Eurovision title in May in Belgrade.

But from the song's title, to its lyrics, it seems that the many intricate grammatical inflections of the Serbian language were lost upon the band.

Beside the puzzling Serbian lyrics, which seem to consist of a list of food items, the song also features words in Estonian and German.

But Kreisiraadio seem to be aiming for a humorous approach, and have won the local contest - their success marks the first time Estonia has decided to choose a song in neither Estonian nor English.