Foreigners outnumbered locals at EXIT

NOVI SAD -- The EXIT music festival was attended by 190,000 people this year, more than half of which came from abroad.

For the first time at EXIT, the largest music festival in the region, there were more foreigners than locals. Foreigners made up 51 percent of all attendees and most came away with positive opinions of both the festival and Serbia.

People from 52 different countries attended the festival. The average spent by one attendee per night was about EUR 20, which was significantly increased by foreigners who spend twice as much as festival goers from Serbia.

Research coordinator Predrag Okanović said that the biggest complaints made were regarding the large crowds and the problems with moving around the fortress where the festival was held.

Hip-hop and electronic music fans were most satisfied with the festival, while fans of guitar-oriented music were less thrilled, he said.

“As far as the image of Serbia goes, progress was made this year after last year's catastrophic survey results,” Predrag Okanović said.

In this year's survey, 1,300 festival goers and campers were interviewed.