Kurir continues attacks on Deputy PM

BELGRADE -- The Kurir tabloid is continuing its campaign against Ivana Dulić Marković.

This time, Kurir did not release any documentation related to the alleged “selling of Vojvodina to Croatians,” but said that according to Milan Paroški, Dulić Marković enabled Croatia to buy 28 Vojvodina companies.

According to the accusations, Dulić Marković is involved in these sales because she was born and educated in Zagreb.

Dulić Marković said that she is not sure why Kurir has targeted her and her family. She said that the lies printed about her father were fabricated with the intent to discredit her and make her leave Serbia.

“I have no intention of denying lies, because I would not know where to start. That is not even my father’s name, and he was very young when this was happening, so that he could not have been a part of that in any way. The Government reacted a lot better than the last time. However, I do not agree with their thoughts that libel does not fall into hate talk, that is a big disappointment.” Dulić Marković said.

Yesterday, the tabloid published a story stating that Deputy Prime Minister Ivana Dulić-Marković’s father “hid an Ustaša villain Ivan 'Crni' Jovanović,” who was sentenced to death for crimes committed against Serbs, after the Second World War.