Bulgaria denies banning Serbia-bound MiG-29s

The Bulgarian Defense Ministry has denied that it prevented the six MiG-29 warplanes that Russia has donated to Serbia from using its airspace.

Source: Beta
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

According to the Bulgarian website pan.bg, the ministry also denied that either it or the civil aviation authorities received a request to allow the planes to fly over Bulgaria on their way from Russia to Serbia.

The statement came in reaction to reports in some Serbian and Romanian media, which said that Romania and Bulgaria, as NATO members, decided to "block" the aircraft from using their airspace.

Late last year Russia announced that it would donate the used planes, along with 30 T-72 tanks and 30 BRDM-2 armored combat vehicles.

According to Beta, "despite numerous media announcements during the (presidential) campaign that the planes would arrive in Serbia before the elections, it is unclear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has even signed a decree on giving away the military equipment."


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