Croatia removes fence from border crossing with Serbia

A fence that Croatia started building on a border crossing with Serbia the night before was removed late on Thursday.

Source: Tanjug

However, the exact reasons why the fence was being built remain unknown.

Croatia's Interior Ministry (MUP) said earlier that this was done "in order to prevent possible illegal entries into the country."

According to unofficial information on Thursday evening, Croatia the previous night informed Serbia that works would be conducted on a bridge on their side of the border -"related to migrations, which reflect in a placement of a protective fence at the entrance to Croatia."

In the meanwhile, media started speculating that Croatia was building the fence "due to the possibility that the inflow of migrants could increase."

However, neither the relevant services, nor a crew Tanjug sent to the scene were able to see any migrants at the Bezdan-Batina crossing yesterday.

Traffic was fully resumed at this border crossing after the fence was removed.


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