Macedonian town's decision to honor Haradinaj revoked

SKOPJE -- The Local Self-Government Inspectorate has annulled a decision made by the Council of the Tetovo Municipality to declare Ramush Haradinaj an honorary citizen.

Haradinaj is a former war crimes indictee, acquitted by the Hague Tribunal, and a former leader of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

He now heads a political party in Kosovo, while after the war he at one point headed the government in Priština.

On Thursday, Inspectorate's Director Vančo Šehtanski told Macedonian media that he had signed the decision and that it would be published within a legal deadline.

The Inspectorate was asked to intervene by ethnic Macedonian members of Tetovo's Council, who said the move to honor Haradinaj was made without their consent, without a discussion in the Municipal Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations, and in violation of two articles of the law.

Hardinaj received the accolade in Tetovo on February 4 - a week after ethnic Albanian councilors made their decision by acclamation, after Macedonian members of the Council left the session.