Šarić gang "laundered money through Montenegrin bank"

PODGORICA -- The Serbian Special Prosecutor's Office has sent evidence and data to its Montenegrin colleagues about money laundering perpetrated by the Šarić gang.

According to this, members of the crime group led by brothers Darko and Duško Šarić laundered money through the Montenegrin Commercial Bank, the Podgorica-based daily Dan reported on Monday.

The Šarić brothers laundered over half a million euros through this bank in 2009, which they intended to invest in the purchase of assets, the newspaper said.

Besides Duško Šarić, the laundering of money acquired through cocaine sale involved at least five more persons from Montenegro, including Dragan Labudović and Nemanja Krstajić, who are already in custody in Belgrade.

Labudović was arrested with a large amount of money taken from the Podgorica-based Montenegrin Commercial Bank.

During the hearing, Labudović said that money was paid on his account in the Montenegrin Commercial Bank, and that he withdrew it without problems.

The funds that were paid in through the Montenegrin banks were used by members of Šarić's gang for the purchase of assets both at the Montenegrin seaside and in the neighboring countries, reads the daily.

Darko Šarić, a Montenegrin who was given a Serbian passport, remains a fugitive from justice.