Bosnia to reopen probe into Macedonian president’s death

SARAJEVO -- Bosnia-Herzegovina will open a new investigation into former Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski’s death, a Bosnia-Herzegovina official has announced.

Transport Minister’s advisor Omer Kulić said that an investigative team had been formed and that the decision now awaited a signature of Transport and Communication Minister Damir Hadžić.

“The investigative team that will conduct the new investigation into the death of former Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski was formed after Serbia and Croatia each had delegated a member,” Kulić said.

He explained that the new probe would be launched because the Macedonian government’s investigators had collected new evidence about the death of Trajkovski and members of the Macedonian delegation who died when their plane crashed near the Bosnian town of Mostar on February 26, 2004.

“We will pay special attention to new details that have been discovered in order to get to new facts and conclusions in the investigation,” the Bosnia-Herzegovina official said.

Expert investigators from the U.S., Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will be on the team that will conduct the new probe.

Trajkovski, six members of the Macedonian delegation and two pilots died in the plane crash.