UN chief asks Hague to consider complaint

NEW YORK, BANJA LUKA -- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will ask the Hague Tribunal to consider a complaint of the Association of the missing persons from Sarajevo-Romanija region.

Serge Brammertz (Beta, file)
Serge Brammertz (Beta, file)

The Association of the missing persons from Sarajevo-Romanija region has pointed to discrimination of Serb victims by Chief Hague Prosecutor Serge Brammertz in its complaint.

The Association President Milan Mandić has received a response from Ban to his letter in which he had complained that Brammertz only met with representatives of Bosniak associations and therefore discriminated Serb victims, Banja Luka-based daily Glas Srpske writes.

“Ban Ki-moon replied that he will forward our complaint about Brammertz’s behavior to the Hague Tribunal’s Prosecution that will debate whether Brammertz should have talked to representatives of victims of only one people. We expect them to make a decision,” Mandić stated.

He added that it was good that the UN chief had reacted to their complaint because it would be unacceptable for Brammertz to decide on the complaint himself.

Glas Srpske on Thursday released Hague Tribunal President Theodor Meron’s reply sent to the Association of the missing persons from Sarajevo-Romanija region on November 22. Meron said in the letter that he had forwarded the complaint to the prosecutor, i.e. Brammertz himself.

When asked how was it possible for the Hague Tribunal chief prosecutor to consider the complaint about his work, the Hague Tribunal did not answer.

“The Prosecutor’s Office is independent from the Tribunal’s chamber and president. Your questions have been forwarded to Prosecutor Brammertz’s office,” the Tribunal told the daily.

During his last visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina on October 15-17, Brammertz met with representatives of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency, judicial institutions and Bosniak associations of families of the victims of the war but not with representatives of Serb and Croat associations.

Numerous Serb associations have therefore sent their complaints to the Hague Tribunal, UN Security Council and UN Human Rights Committee.