Albanian nationalism is “civilized”, claims PM

TIRANA -- Albanian PM Sali Berisha says that nobody should be afraid of the Albanian nationalism because it is “the most civilized and inspired by freedom values”.

Sali Berisha (FoNet, file)
Sali Berisha (FoNet, file)

“Even though we have experienced the roughest nationalistic storms in the end of the last century, the Albanian nationalism is the most civilized and it is fully inspired by values of freedom,” he stressed.

Berisha especially praised the contribution of media, who “have shed light on historical truth” and expressed belief that the “process of unification and unification with Europe will be equally strongly supported”.

“Nobody should be afraid of the Albanian nationalism,” the Albanian PM noted.

At an annual reception for journalists, he said that journalists were “de facto the best opposition” during the second term of the government.

Berisha said that media played an irreplaceable role in the Albanian society and that the “press is the most precious asset in the country in the sense of development of democracy”, Albanian ATA news agency has reported.