"Al-Qaeda had training camps in Macedonia"

SKOPJE -- Al-Quaeda had three training camps in Macedonia, claims retired professor of the Skopje Faculty of Security Ivan Babamovski.

Despite this, "the international anti-terrorist coalition" is not helping Skopje in any way, he noted.

The security situation in Macedonia and the region is fairly poor and more violent incidents can be expected after the murder of five men near the village of Smiljkovci, western Macedonia, on April 12, Babamovski stated.

He believes the murders near Smiljkovci was a terrorist act meant to spread fear among the population.

Al-Qaeda had three training camps in Macedonia, he noted.

Babamovski stated that 25 members of "an ethnic group" in Macedonia had undergone terrorist training in Tehran, Iran, and that one of the leaders of that community had been to Qom, the Shia spiritual center, where he was trained in leading groups related to terrorism.

Despite all that, the members of the anti-terrorist coalition are not assisting Macedonia financially, technically or in terms of personnel, he remarked.