Bosnia: Suspected Wahhabi attacks U.S. embassy

SARAJEVO -- An unidentified man on Friday in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, fired shots at the building housing the embassy of the United States.

The shooter is seen at a Sarajevo intersection (Tanjug)
The shooter is seen at a Sarajevo intersection (Tanjug)

Initially, local media in Sarajevo said that the shooter was "shot and killed by members of the Bosnian police", but Tanjug news agency is reporting that it received confirmation that the man was lightly injured and arrested.

Some local media also claimed that the attacker was accompanied by two other men.

A Bosnian police officer was also injured during the incident.

Eyewitnesses claimed earlier on Friday that the attacker was "dressed like a member of the (radical Islamic) Wahhabi movement", and that he was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle.

According to this, he was shouting quotes from the Koran during the attack. Unofficially, the shooter was identified as 23-year-old Mevlid Jašarević - an ethnic Muslim (Bosniak) from the southwestern Serbian region of Sandžak.

Beta news agency is quoting eyewitnesses as saying that although the shooting took place at the rush hour, the attacker "did not wish to shoot civilians", but instead "called on U.S. citizens to exit the embassy".

The shooter attacked the building at 15:40 CET, which was followed by "a half-hour battle with police".

There were no casualties among the embassy's staff, according to the newspaper.

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