Croatian president on relations with Tadić

ZAGREB -- Croatian President Ivo Josipović has rejected accusations that he is meeting Serbian President Boris Tadić too often.

Ivo Josipović and Boris Tadić (Tanjug)
Ivo Josipović and Boris Tadić (Tanjug)

When asked about his frequent meetings with his Serbian counterpart, Josipović said: "Who would I meet with if not the people who are our neighbors and with whom, objectively, we might have the most problems."

The relations between Croatia and Serbia and his relations with Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor were the topic of Josipović's appearance on Croatia's Nova television.

The Croat president thinks the polemic which arose between Tadić and Kosor after the latter's visit to Kosovo was unneeded. "We should just let the polemic die down, because it has not been of much use," he stressed.

Josipović believes Tadić had double standards when he criticized Kosor for hailing generals convicted by the Hague war crimes tribunal, when "his own government includes a minister who worships Slobodan Milošević."

“On the other hand, Kosor's move is not beneficial to Croatia either, or the generals,” the Croat president pointed out.

Josipović said that if he were in Tadić's shoes, he would reprimand the minister who visited Milošević's grave, "just as he would not hail the generals like the prime minister did."