No agreement on forming Bosnia Council of Ministers

Mostar -- The political representatives of the three peoples in Bosnia-Herzegovina have failed to reach an agreement to form the Bosnia Council of Ministers.

Elections for this body were held nearly a year ago.

The meeting in the town of Mostar on Monday was attended by leaders of six parties - Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNDS) Milorad Dodik, Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) Mladen Bosić, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Dragan Čović, HDZ 90 Božo Ljubić, Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Sulejman Tihić and Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) Zlatko Lagumdžija.

At a joint press conference, Čović said that there are still huge discrepancies between the parties' positions on the forming of the Bosnia Council of Ministers and implementation of the verdict delivered by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on the Sejdić-Finci case, based on which the minority peoples should be given the right to stand as candidates for highest positions in Bosnia.

He said that the participating parties will hold a continuous dialogue, which will include bilateral and multilateral meetings, until a new general meeting which is scheduled for September 15.

Ljubić, who hosted the Monday talks together with Čović, said that the talks represent the beginning of the recovery from crisis.

Dodik reiterated his earlier statements that the Bosnia Council of Ministers can be formed on the principle of rotation and consensus, while honoring the parities of legally and legitimately elected representatives of constitutive peoples in Bosnia.

Dodik said that Republika Srpska (RS) is entitled to four ministerial positions, including the position of Bosnia foreign minister.

Reiterating the united position of RS, Bosić said that result of these talks is that the dialogue between SNDS, SDS, HDZ, HDZ 90, SDA and SDA has been reopened.

According to the local media, the leaders of six parliamentary parties expressed readiness to take part in further talks so as to resolve the issue of elections and functioning of the Council of Ministers.