Neo-Nazi patrols "banned" in Hungarian Roma village

GYONGYOSPATA -- The Hungarian police have reacted to a neo-Nazi vigilante group's patrols, which brought fear into a Roma (Gypsy) village.

Hungarian police officers escort a uniformed neo-Nazi (Beta)
Hungarian police officers escort a uniformed neo-Nazi (Beta)

Previously, the Roma from the village of Gyongyospata decided to evacuate hundreds of women and children, who left their homes on Red Cross buses.

This decision came after the group, calling itself Vedero and described in initial reports as "far-right", set up a camp near their homes.

The group's uniformed members then started paroling the village streets.

The local police refused to react, which prompted the evacuation of the villagers.

The Hungarian government, however, reacted by "banning the patrols", said reports.

Interior Minister Sandor Pinter also gave his assurances that the harassment of the locals would not happen again, while the government announced the members of the extreme group would be fined with EUR 400 each.

On Saturday, strong police forces maintained order in the village, making sure there were no clashes between the "militia" and the local Roma, a Red Cross representative told reporters.