Montenegro's Jedi minority attracts attention

PODGORICA -- A group of young men, who wished to remain anonymous to the public, declared themselves as "Jedi" during the current census in Montenegro.

The decision to tell census takers that that they belonged to a fictitious outer-space race - that normally resides in Star War movies - was "a form of protest against political interferences with the census".

The initiative has caught public attention, and the young men have explained that their protest was intellectual, since they believe ethnicity should be a marginal issue.

The Jedi also stated for reporters that the idea came from "similar movements across the world, because they are organized regardless of the actual situation in the country".

"This form of protest is directly linked to the current situation in Montenegro and it was provoked by political interference regarding the census. As mentioned earlier, we are aware of similar movements in the world, but our initiative has no direct connection to that lasting phenomenon of popular culture."

The census started on April 1.