Hungarian PM: Ready for left-wing attack

BUDAPEST -- Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says he is prepared for constant left-wing attacks on their own country in the next six months during Hungary's EU presidency.

He pointed out that he expected even more severe criticism of the recently adopted media law in Hungary, but that the criticism had reduced, as he said, to a more moderate form.

“We must prepare ourselves that the left will constantly criticize Hungary for the right-wing two-thirds majority in the next half a year,” he told European Parliament.

“Situation in Hungary is completely unknown to the West - it happened only perhaps in the 60s in France under De Gaulle - that a political family has a two-thirds majority. As it is a right-wing majority, the left is suspicious whether or not we abuse the majority,” Orban stressed.

“The EP session has convinced me that it will be so in the next half a year and even if I say ‘good afternoon’ they’ll accuse me of saying it in a very dangerous tone,” the Hungarian PM explained.

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) said that Orban’s speech in Strasbourg, where he presented Hungary’s EU presidency program, had been a “bad beginning without a precedent”.

MSZP leader Attila Mesterhazy has stated that the Hungarian PM was “arrogant and cynical”, that he “was lecturing” the audience and that Hungary could face international isolation if Orban did not change his attitude.