Hungarians protest against media law

BUDAPEST -- About 10,000 people protested last night in Budapest against the controversial media law which came into effect on January 1.

Hungarians protest in Budapest (Beta)
Hungarians protest in Budapest (Beta)

This is the second such protest in Budapest. The first was held on December 20.

The protesters demand revision of the law which would be carried out by people who do not belong to political parties.

More than 71,000 Hungarians supported the request on Facebook. They demand “constitutional revision and change of the law, involvement of the media in the modification process, independent supervision, revoking of high fines and respect of confidentiality of journalists’ sources”.

Hungary, which took over the EU presidency on January 1, has been widely criticized over the media law. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised to amend the law if the EU demanded it.

The new law envisages steep fines for the media and it also forces journalists to reveal their sources if they report about stories that have to do with national security.