Aid sent to flood victims in Albania

SKADAR -- European Union countries and Moldova have sent aid to the victims of extreme flooding in northwest Albania.

Floods have devastated a region of about 10,000 hectares. More than 2,400 homes were flooded.

Meteorologists predict that the situation will worsen in this region of Albania over the next several days, with more rain expected.

The Albanian government evacuated about 5,000 people from the Skadar region. More than 700 persons participated in the evacuation.

The European Union and Moldova have sent boats, electricity generators, water pumps, food, medicine, tents and other aid to the flood victims.

Albanian Defense Minister Arben Imami said that it is hard to predict how the situation will unfold.

“Several factors caused the flooding. First we had a lot of rain, and then the strange phenomenon of large waves in the Adriatic Sea. IN the meantime, there was also serious snowfall followed by more rain,” he said.