Macedonian encyclopedia pulled from shelves

SKOPJE -- A controversial Macedonian encyclopedia will be edited in those sections deemed offensive to Albanians and pulled from the shelves.

The publishers, the Macedonian Academy for Science and Art (MANU), decided that this would be the best option after the angry reactions to the encyclopedia from Albanian parties in Macedonia, intellectuals and Albanian non-governmental organizations, as well as politicians from Kosovo and Albania.

Albanians were called “Shiptars,” and “highlanders” among other things in the encyclopedia.

MANU called on the changes to be made as soon as possible in the sections about Albanian-Macedonian relations, Albanians in Macedonia and the National Liberation Army (NLA), as well as works by Mother Teresa.

It was stated in the encyclopedia that British and American instructors had trained the NLA, which was active in 2001 during the conflict with Macedonian security forces.

The corrections will be made with the help of Albanian academics who did not participate in the drafting of the initial text.

Protests were held around Macedonia over the encyclopedia. Students and NGOs protested in Tetovo, while another protest has been called for Friday by non-parliamentary Albanian parties in Skopje.