Slovenia "blackmailing" Croatia

LJUBLJANA -- Croatia is jeopardizing Slovenian national interests and should meet its conditions first before Slovenia approves further EU integration, says Slovenia's PM.

Borut Pahor
Borut Pahor

Speaking to European Parliamentary Speaker Hans Gert Poettering about Croatia’s EU integration, Borut Pahor said that time was running out for Croatia, and that Slovenia had submitted a proposal to the French EU Presidency to resolve the issue of continuing talks with Croatia, but that Zagreb now had to make its position clear, Slovenian media report.

“Slovenia supports Croatian EU entry, but also has to safeguard its own national interests. They are compromised by the fact that Croatia has sent the European Commission documents that someone could interpret as prejudicing the issue of borders between the countries, both at land and sea,“ said Pahor, adding that Slovenia had submitted an initiative to the French Presidency on resolving the issue, whereby it would be manifestly clear to Croatia, the EC and the Council of Europe and to all others that the documents submitted by Croatia did not prejudice the issue.

“Should that condition be met, Slovenia will look into the possibility of opening certain talks and closing others,“ said the prime minister, adding that if Croatia could not accept that condition, then Slovenia would not be able to accept the adoption of a decision on opening and closing certain divisive issues in the accession talks between Croatia and the EU.