Greek lawyers offer Karadžić gratis help

ATHENS -- A group of Greek lawyers intends to offer Hague indictee Radovan Karadžić their services free of charge.

The lawyers, from the Greek island of Crete, intend to visit Karadžić the Hague Tribunal detention facility where he was extradited from Serbia this morning.

There, they will offer him defense services free of charge, Greek news agency ANA reported on Tuesday evening.

The group, members of the Lawyers' Association of Chania, will ask international organizations to ensure a just trial for Karadžić, Association President Dimitris Pondikakis has announced.

The Chania lawyers intend to examine the conditions of Karadžić's detention and to tell him that a group of five of their colleagues is being awarded to him by decision of the Association, to defend him free of charge, Pondikakis said.