Srebrenica lawsuit against Holland opens

SARAJEVO -- A Bosnian citizen’s lawsuit against Holland for the deaths of his brother, father and mother during the Srebrenica massacre has begun in The Hague.

Hasan Nuhanović (fbradio)
Hasan Nuhanović (fbradio)

Hasan Nuhanović, a former UN interpreter, filed the suit against Holland claiming that Dutch troops within the UN peacekeeping contingent that were responsible for security in the then Srebrenica protected zone, allowed Republic of Srpska (RS) troops to kill his family.

Nuhanović made a statement yesterday in front of the district court in The Hague, calling for justice for the deaths of the members of his family, who, he claims, were brutally murdered after being evicted from the Dutch troops’ base in Srebrenica. He launched the suit in 2002.

Nuhanović’s own life was spared only because he was carrying UN accreditation, and because he was permitted to stay at the base.

One other Srebrenica family has filed a suit together with him, over the Dutch soldiers’ conduct during the fall of Srebrenica.

It was announced on Wednesday that the Dutch courts would hear a civil suit filed against Holland by 6,000 relatives of murdered Bosniaks in Srebrenica separately.