Only 300 Serbs remain in Bosnian town

BUGOJNO -- Of the 9,000 Serbs that lived in Bugojno before the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, only 300 remain.

The data came from a local Croat Catholic dignitary, Friar Vinko Sičaja, who stressed that before the war, the southwestern Bosnian town was "truly multiethnic".

As for his compatriots, of the 16,500 Croats that inhabited the municipality before the war, 4,500 remain today, while at the same time the number of Bosnian Muslim, or Bosniaks, has risen from 19,500 to 27,000.

"Serbs especially, but Croats also, are the rare species here," Sičaja explained, and directly accused Bugojno's wartime mayor, Dževad Mlaća, for this.

According to Sičaja, Mlaća, who held on to his position after the war as well, has been prevented the return of Serbs and Croats to their homes.