Montenegro: Rival Churches send Christmas messages

CETINJE -- The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church today sent Christmas greetings.

Both churches will hold their central Christmas Eve festivities in Cetinje.

In his Christmas message, Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro Amfilohije said that “there is no light without eyesight, nor a true celebration with Christmas.”

Head of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) Mihailo sent blessings and wishes for the prosperity of the people and the state.

“God the Almighty wanted us to have our own state, but in her, because of the authorities, we still don’t have a free CPC. The Lord sees and hears everything and knows of our difficult position and the great humiliation of our people who are suffering injustice and sending prayers to Christ the Saviour to return them their dignity,” said Mihailo and called on the people for reconciliation.

On Christmas Eve, Amfilohije will organize the traditional laying of Yule logs in front of the Cetinje monastery at 3 p.m. The CPC will conduct their ceremony in front of the Courtyard of King Nikola at the same time.

Both churches will organize similar ceremonies throughout Montenegro.