Mesić: Crisis yet to kick in

ZAGREB -- Croatia has yet to feel the true force of the economic crisis, Croatian President Stipe Mesić has warned.

Stipe Mesić (FoNet, archive)
Stipe Mesić (FoNet, archive)

Speaking as a guest at the third annual Jewish Film Festival, Mesić said that his forecast was based on those of the IMF and contradicted Prime Minister Ivo Sanader’s earlier statements, who said that signs of recovery were discernible.

The IMF, concerned by Croatia’s high level of debt, has advised a scaling-down of infrastructure projects, warning that the loans required will be hard to pay back.

At the same time, the president said that he was glad that Zagreb had been offered the opportunity to familiarize itself with Jewish film production, stressing that he would like these films to be seen by Right-wing associations, or, as he called them, “honorary Bleiburg regiments and those that go with them.”

Mesič dubbed this year’s Bleiburg commemorations, which are taking place to a background of copious ustasha iconography and inflammatory speeches, an “ustasha orgy.”