Serbia in EU is "in Croatia's interest" - minister

BELGRADE -- Croatian First Deputy PM Vesna Pusic says her country "has helped Serbia on its path toward the European Union and will continue to do so."

Pusic (C) is seen during the summit in Belgrade (Beta)
Pusic (C) is seen during the summit in Belgrade (Beta)

It is "in Croatia's interest that the region is stable and has a European outlook," Pusic, who was this week in Belgrade taking part in the China-CEEC summit, said.

"It is our interest that Serbia goes through the reforms that lead to membership, as soon as possible. The criteria should be high, that is, the same that applied to us. Our interest is that the region is stable and European," she told the Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV) provincial broadcaster, the Beta agency reported,

She added that Croatia would treat Serbia like every other EU member, "just with a little better knowledge of Serbia, as our neighbor."

Pusic reiterated that Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic did not come to Belgrade "due to the lack of a clear reaction by the Serbian government to the war-mongering and inflammatory rhetoric of Vojislav Seselj."