LNG terminal in Croatia is "make-believe" - RS company

BELGRADE -- Banja Luka's Res Gas company Director Slobodan Puhalac says that South Stream represented a project of strategic importance to the Serb Republic (RS).

(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

He also described Russia's gas and oil giant Gazprom as "the ideal partner."

Puhalac added that halting the pipeline project was "an unreasonable move" and that he was "unable to see why it was done," stating at the same time he thought "some realistic solution will be found for the project to go ahead."

Puhalac also commented on the proposed LNG terminal on the island of Krk in Croatia, to describe it as "make-believe and procrastination" in order to make "some other, important strategic decision."

At the same time, Director of Strategic Development of Croatia's Plinacro company Vladimir Djurovic said that Croatia did not see South Stream as a project of strategic importance, "because only one end of the pipeline was planned to reach it."

He stressed that the LNG terminal on Krk was "now taking on a new dimension" and that preparations for the project have advanced "the farthest."

Asked how much more expensive the gas from this terminal would be compared to the Russian gas, Djurovic said that "analyses show that such gas is expensive - but it is gas that is not there at all that is the most expensive."

"The price is not always a priority when it comes to secure supplies of energy," said Djurovic and added that a consultancy "has already been chosen to prepare this project."

If there is interest, he added, a pipeline will be built "through neighboring countries to the terminal in Croatia, because the financing will not be a problem."