Dacic: I'm not important enough to be backed by Putin

Ivica Dacic late on Tuesday dismissed speculation that Russia's officials were lobbying in favor of him continuing as a minister in Serbia's new government.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The foreign minister in the caretaker government and leader of the Socialists (SPS) told a joint news conference in Belgrade with the foreign minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Igor Crnadak, that those who believe this to be true "obviously don't know PM-designate Aleksandar Vucic."

When reporters asked whether he feels any pressure when it comes to the formation of Serbia's new government, and "whether it is true that Russia is lobbying in favor of his appointment," Dacic said it was "best that nobody sings his praises in front of the PM-designate," and added:

"I would ask you to write that I should not be a minister at all. Because if you spoke well of me, he (Vucic) certainly wouldn't have me. I don't believe I'm quite important enough for (Vladimir) Putin to say that."

Dacic then smiled and said that Vucic is "the kind of man who does not like to be under someone's pressure."

"Know one thing - if you want to play a fast one on somebody, just write in your papers that this person will become 'this and that'," he told the news conference.

Finally, Dacic said that the issue of his continued membership in the cabinet was "not the most important thing" - instead, he said, what is important is that he is doing "serious state work, currently talking to ministers across the world about a big offensive mounted against us by western countries, who are coercing other countries into recognizing Kosovo."


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