PM thinks "somebody" was annoyed by his NATO remarks

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has commented on Hague Tribunal's Appeals Chamber decision to order Vojislav Seselj back to prison as "deeply immoral."

Source: B92, Tanjug

Speaking about this development, he also said that "somebody was obviously annoyed" by his speech during the recent marking of the anniversary of the start of NATO's attacks on Serbia.

Commenting on the war crimes tribunal's decision to grant Seselj temporary release and then revoke it and order him back to the detention unit, Vucic said it was "immoral" and that his government will in the coming days "declare itself of the Appeals Chamber decision."

"I am not able to hide my anger after the news of the immoral decision they made. In the coming days we will declare ourselves on that," Vucic told reporters at the government HQ on Monday.

He then observed that he "did not think Seselj was a topic."

"If I were to say out loud everything I feel someone might think I was unable to hold back my anger over the immoral decisions some have made," Vucic was quoted as saying, and adding that his speech on March 24 "obviously did not meet with universal sympathies in the world."

"But I do not wish to change my heart, my mind, or my face. I want to warn that my pride and my morality as well as the stability of Serbia have no price," he said.

Commenting on Seselj's announcement that he had no intention of returning to prison voluntarily, Vucic said he "has the right to change his policy and behavior and behave responsibly or irresponsibly."


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