EC document refers to Kosovo's "territorial integrity"

Controversial formulation “Kosovo’s territorial integrity” can be found in a document dubbed Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2012-2013.

Source: B92

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has stated that it could bring an end to the dialogue with Priština.

This is the first time that such formulation found its way into an official EU report.

The 77-page document about the EU’s enlargement strategy and challenges that expect the Union in 2012 and 2013 is available at the EC’s official website.

The EU enlargement agenda covers the Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland.

In the part of the report on Serbia, the EC, among other things, says that “a visible and sustainable improvement in relations between Serbia and Kosovo is needed so that both can continue on their respective paths towards the EU, while avoiding that either can block the other in these efforts. This process should gradually result in the full normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo with the prospect of both able to fully exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibilities within the EU. Addressing the problems in northern Kosovo, while respecting the territorial integrity of Kosovo and the particular needs of the local population, will be an essential element of this process”.

The Commission underlined that the steps leading to the normalization of relations

between Belgrade and Priština should also be addressed in the context of the framework for the conduct of future accession negotiations with Serbia.

The EC annual report on Serbia’s progress was presented by EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule on Wednesday. Fule will visit Belgrade later today to clarify details of the report to the Serbian officials.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert handed the report to Dačić who said he was “upset” by it and that it was unacceptable to mention “Kosovo’s territorial integrity” in the official EU documents.


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