Serbian official cancels visit to Kosovo

Serbian government's Office for Kosovo Director Aleksandar Vulin's visit to Kosovo has been cancelled.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

According to some information, EULEX refused to allow Vulin to enter Kosovo.

However, Vulin's visit will take place soon, the Office for Kosovo announced.

On Thursday, Vulin was supposed to meet with representatives of the Serbs in northern Kosovo, town halls and municipal assemblies, the head of the district and certain parliamentary parties.

Serb National Council of Northern Kosovo President Milan Ivanović accused EULEX on Thursday of failing to act status-neutrally and of violating the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 by canceling Vulin’s visit.

He told Beta news agency that EULEX was “making it hard for the state of Serbia and Serbs in Kosovo to make necessary steps toward the improvement and stabilization of the difficult situation in the province”.

Ivanović stressed that the “Kosovo institutions and their mentors from EULEX are the main culprits for the lack of freedom for Serbs”.

According to him, the main motive is to establish the Kosovo institutions in the north which would lead to ethnic cleansing of Serbs.

However, EULEX has denied that it is responsible for the cancelation of Vulin’s visit.

The mission added that it did not decide on the visits of the Serbian officials.

EULEX Spokeswoman Irina Gudeljević says that Serbian officials who want to visit Kosovo need to submit their request to the EU Special Representative’s Office in Belgrade that forwards the request to the EU Special Representative’s Office in Kosovo.

“The request is then given to the Kosovo government and the response is sent to Belgrade through the same channels. We are not in the chain and it is not a part of the EULEX’s mandate,” she explained.


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