"Neutrality - true name for our country's freedom"

Opposition DSS leader Vojislav Koštunica says that Serbia's political neutrality, advocated by his party, is "the true name for our country's freedom".

Source: Beta, RTS

"Political neutrality is the true name for Serbia's freedom to develop economically, not to have somebody from the outside take chunks of her territory, for the citizens to decide and for their decisions made as they vote in elections not to be altered afterwards in several embassies located in Belgrade," Koštunica said on Tuesday in Belgrade.

The former Yugoslav president and Serbian prime minister for two terms, who is running in the presidential election on May 6, spoke for the state broadcaster RTS.

He asserted that Serbia should not join the EU or any other similar political or military alliance, and stressed that the country should develop independently according to own interests.

"The policy of 'EU without alternative' has brought bad results in the past four years. Salaries are lower, investments have been halved, unemployment rate has increased, people don't live well, while several hundred million euros has been lost when the Stabilization and Association Agreement (with the EU) was signed," said Koštunica.


"Serbia is too important to remain neutral"

Serbia is too important a factor in the Balkans to be conducting a neutral foreign policy, says President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro Savo Kentera.

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