EU has double standards in Kosovo, IM says

Serbia’s Interior Minister Ivica Dačić has said that the latest couple of incidents in Kosovo show a lack of will in Priština to solve the problem peacefully.

Source: Beta

“The latest incidents in Kosovo are an indicator how they see Serbs from Kosovo. That’s savageness and if the EU believes that this is the system of values that we should respect, then there is something deeply wrong with all those issues,” he told reporters in Novi Sad.

According to him, the attacks on representatives of the Serbian government who negotiated about solving the problems in Kosovo, writing of slogans, shooting at religious places and the attack of the Albanian fans on Serbian civilians “are only a proof that Europe has double standards in Kosovo”.

“Everybody was recently very concerned about the allegedly illegal arrest of Albanians who illegally crossed into Serbia’s territory,” Dačić stressed and added that Serbia needed to take a firm stand.

“We need a state leadership that will have a clear policy and be determined to make difficult decisions and courageously defend Serbia’s interests,” he concluded.


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