Pavićević denies meeting with Priština's FM

BELGRADE -- Head of the Belgrade team for technical negotiations with Priština Dejan Pavićević denied on Thursday that he had met with Enver Hoxhaj.

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

Pavićević, who has been appointed by the government as Belgrade's future liaison officer in Priština, was in this town on Thursday, and said after the trip that he expected liaison officers to be exchanged in three to four weeks.

"I was in Priština today and met with EU Special Representative (Samuel) Žbogar and had several meetings with the Priština team that deals with technical issues concerning the liaison officers. I did not meet Hoxhaj today," he told Tanjug on Thursday.

Pavićević reacted after Hoxhaj, who serves as foreign minister in the government in Priština, posted on his Twitter account that he "met with Belgrade's liaison officer Dejan Pavićević and discussed opening Priština's liaison office in Belgrade."

But Pavićević said there would be no liaison offices.

"I have to reiterate once again that there are no offices, only liaison officers. That is the interpretation accepted by Belgrade, Brussels and Priština itself," Pavićević stressed.

He explained that the discussions in Priština were about technical details and preparations for his stay there and Priština's liaison officer Lulzim Peci's arrival in Belgrade.

"Those technical details have mostly been agreed and the exchange of liaison officers is expected shortly, in the next three to four weeks, I hope," Pavićević concluded.

Albanian language daily Tribuna on Friday said that Pavićević was "accompanied by an EU official, and adviser to the Kosovo foreign minister Plumba Kalaba" while touring his "future work place " in Priština on Thursday.

This newspaper also reported that the exchange of liaison officers would happen as soon as Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci "sign it."