“If Priština obstructs talks, we will turn to UN”

BELGRADE -- If the talks on Kosovo fail because of Pristina's obstructions, other exit strategies should be considered, even returning the talks under the UN auspices.

This is according to Serbia's Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning Minister Milan Bačević.

"We do not expect new requirements from the EU or other countries that have shown interest in the talks between Belgrade and Priština. At this point, Brussels has the mandate to continue the talks, but I would not have anything against the UN getting involved in solving the problem if that would be more efficient and faster," he told daily Večernje novosti.

"Thanks to a mistake made by the old government, and above all former President Boris Tadić, the Kosovo issue was transferred from the UN to a different field. If we get guarantees that these talks can be completed and have a positive outcome for both sides, then this format and mediator are acceptable. If the talks do not go at a good pace, and Europe favors only one side, then we will certainly try to find some other way to solve the problem more efficiently. I believe that could be the UN, but I also have confidence in the EU right now," he noted.

“Priština has achieved its old goals in various ways, and always with the help of powerful protectors,” the minister was quoted as saying.

"Things are now radically different, because the Serbian team for the talks has succeeded in convincing those powerful protectors of the Albanian side that there is another truth as well," Bačević explained.