Progressives "will always insist on Vučić for PM"

BELGRADE -- Ruling Serb Progressive Party (SNS) Vice-President Igor Mirović has announced that its main board meeting will be held in late March.

Igor Mirković (Tanjug, file)
Igor Mirković (Tanjug, file)

Because of the gravity of the topics that will be discussed, however, the exact date has not yet been determined, he explained in a statement for the Belgrade-based daily Danas on Thursday.

One of the topics will be a possible reconstruction of the Serbian government, "or initiatives for new elections", Mirović added.

According to the SNS official, there are three possible options - a full continuity of government with some minor changes in the cabinet, a serious reconstruction that would replace a number of ministers from the SNS and other parties of the ruling coalition - and early parliamentary elections.

"It is early to speak which option we will choose, and after analyzing all the information we will offer our coalition partners one of three options I mentioned. Many factors will affect the decision that we wish to make," he was quoted as saying.

In terms of any change of premiership - currently held by SPS leader Ivica Dačić - Mirović said the Progressives "will always insist that SNS President Aleksandar Vučić should become prime minister - primarily because we have the largest number of seats and a majority of cabinet members".

Vučić currently serves as first deputy premier.

"Whether this issue will be opened in discussions on the reconstruction, I cannot say now. After all, not everything depends on us," Mirović stated.

Also on Thursday, SPS official Aleksandar Antić spoke to reporters to say that Prime Minister Ivica Dačić and his First Deputy Aleksandar Vučić enjoyed "excellent" cooperation.

He added that the talk of a possible government reshuffle and a new prime minister represented "the putting out of feelers on all political actors".

Antić also told Serbia's public broadcaster RTS that he was in favor of his party "evaluating the performance of all ministers and, if need be, finding new solutions."

"We are open for discussion. It is generally assumed that this government is working very successfully," Antić said, adding that the relationship between the SPS and the SNS was "more than fair".

He pointed out that Dačić and Vučić perform very important jobs, that he felt "overwhelming respect for what they do," and that "the two leaders, if need be, will talk about a possible cabinet reshuffle".

"But there has been no such discussion," Antić concluded.