DS Statutory Commission expected to decide on Jeremić

BELGRADE -- The Democratic Party (DS) Statutory Commission is expected to expel Vuk Jeremić from the party at a meeting scheduled to begin at 17:00 CET on Friday.

Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug, file)
Vuk Jeremić (Tanjug, file)

According to announcements, only one item will be on the Commission’s agenda – a decision to expel Jeremić because he failed to return his MP mandate at DS leader Dragan Đilas’ request.

Former DS member Dušan Petrović, who was recently expelled and formed his own MP group dubbed “Together for Serbia” said he would meet with Jeremić soon.

When asked if the former foreign minister could become the seventh member of his group in parliament, Petrović did not give a precise answer.

“When we see each other again, when he comes to Belgrade, we will see what decisions he will make. There are very serious topics and there are no doubts there. Of course, we talked about politics and all options, we will see how things will go,” he said.

Jeremić confirmed on his Twitter profile on Thursday night that he would come to the DS program assembly scheduled for March 17.

He noted that he did not believe that “Đilas would stoop so low and expel him just so he could prevent him from speaking”.

Jeremić told FoNet he was planning on addressing his fellow DS members at the session because he wanted to contribute to the quality of the party’s new program.

“I believe the DS is at great crossroads and that it is facing great challenges. I want to contribute to the quality of the new program with my ideas,” he explained.

“I hope that my right to speak will not be denied. I respect the fact that the Statutory Commission still has not decided on my appeal to the decision to expel me and I am waiting for a decision of the Constitutional Court,” the UN General Assembly president pointed out.

The DS Executive Board on February 14 decided to expel Jeremić from the party. Jeremić on February 18 filed a request to the Constitutional Court to assess the constitutionality of the DS’ decision to ask former ministers to return their MP mandates, claiming the decision represented a violation of the Constitution and an “act of political violence”.