"Lies were told that Kosovo is ours" - PM

BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić says citizens have been lied to for ten years that Kosovo is Serbian and that it was even made official in the Constitution.

Ivica Dačić (Beta, file)
Ivica Dačić (Beta, file)

“Lies were told that Kosovo is ours, it was even made official in the Constitution. Today, the Constitution is not helping at all. The Serbian president cannot go to Kosovo, nor the prime minister, nor ministers, nor the police or army,” he told weekly NIN.

He wrote in the article marking the tenth anniversary of PM Zoran Đinđić’s assassination that Kosovo was taboo for ten years and that no one could officially tell the truth.

According to the prime minister, Serbs can only leave Kosovo.

“That's how much Kosovo is ours and what our constitution and laws mean there," he stressed.

Dačić noted that Serbia still needed to define its “real” borders and to try and “save what can be saved in Kosovo”, primarily for the sake of Serbs living there in order to provide them with a “normal, safe life and clear future”.

“That way and only that way, Serbia will have a future,” he underscored.

Reuters has reported that Dačić’s statement is the latest sign of an historic U-turn by Belgrade.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo but is under pressure to “improve relations with its "former province" if the EU is to give the green light to accession talks and send a vital message of stability to much-needed foreign investors,” Reuters pointed out.

“The northern, Serb pocket of territory is now at the center of EU-mediated talks between Dačić and his Kosovo counterpart, former guerrilla commander Hashim Thaci, that will resume on March 20 in Brussels,” the agency added.