New mayor of Kosovska Mitrovica elected

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Dragiša Vlašković has been elected municipal president of Kosovska Mitrovica at an extraordinary session of the local assembly.

Kosovska Mitrovica (file)
Kosovska Mitrovica (file)

Vlašković is taking over as mayor of the northern, Serb part of the town after his fellow Serb Progressive Party (SNS) member Krstimir Pantić stepped down last week.

Pantić's decision came after he was appointed deputy director of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija.

The new mayor said in his first address that he would continue to work to protect the Serb people and all those citizens who consider Kosovo a part of Serbia.

"Our priority is to preserve Kosovo and Metohija, and for that reason I expect support from all parties when it comes to preserving our state and national interests," Vlašković said, and thanked the councilors who elected him.

A total of 17 councilors voted for the new municipal leadership, while 11 councilors of the opposition Democratic Party (DS) and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) left the session before voting.

Marko Jakšić (DSS) explained that they did it because of, as he put it, the violation of the Rules of Procedure and non-statutory conduct of the session.

The local government in Kosovska Mitrovica was reshuffled several days ago, since the SNS broke up the coalition with the DSS.

The new majority now comprises the SNS, the URS, the SPS, Citizen Initiative Serbia, Democracy, Justice - Oliver Ivanović and the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia.