Parties mull forming of political movement in Vojvodina

NOVI SAD -- Three parties are planning on forming a political movement that will initiate constitutional changes and redefining of Vojvodina’s constitutional position.

A view of Novi Sad (Beta, file)
A view of Novi Sad (Beta, file)

Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) and Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) are currently negotiating possible joint political actions.

If an agreement is reached in the next several weeks, the parties will finalize the idea to form the movement dubbed “Vojvodina Front”.

LDP official and Vojvodina assembly Deputy Speaker Milivoj Verbalov presented the idea several months ago.

Verbalov told Novi Sad-based daily Dnevnik that the talks were underway and added he believed that other political parties of civil orientation and NGOs would join the movement.

He assessed that it was necessary to bring civil and pro-European parties together in Vojvodina in order to prevent tendencies aimed at violating the province’s autonomy and possible radicalization of the Vojvodina issue.

The LDP provincial board announced ten days ago that a political platform for constitutional changes would be passed soon and LDP deputy leader Dušan Mijić explained that the initiative represented an attempt to prevent the so-called Yogurt revolution from happening again in Vojvodina.