Fifth anniversary of Kosovo’s UDI

PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo is today marking the fifth anniversary of its unilaterally declared independence with a parade and a special session of the Kosovo assembly.

A scene from Priština (Tanjug)
A scene from Priština (Tanjug)

Members of the Kosovo Security Forces and Kosovo police held a parade in downtown Priština at noon.

Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci addressed the citizens after the parade.

“We are building our new state, a vision about its Euro-Atlantic future. We are working so Kosovo will be a member of the EU and have permanent friendship with the U.S.,” Jahjaga said.

“The Republic of Kosovo adheres to the policy of good neighborly relations. We respect integrity and sovereignty of all other states,” she added.

Thaci said that Kosovo’s independence had been a dream of many generations and that the dream had finally come true and that Kosovo was recognized by more than a half of the UN member states.

“Our vision is to become a NATO member in near future. The Republic of Kosovo is on the right track when it comes to the EU accession,” he stressed.

The Kosovo assembly will hold a special session at 15:00 CET. Jahjaga, Thaci and assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi will speak at the session.

The celebration will continue in the evening with a concert in downtown Priština.

The Kosovo assembly on February 17, 2008 adopted the Declaration of Independence, which was annulled by the Serbian government the same night as an illegal bill of the provisional institutions in Priština.

It was stated in the Declaration of Independence that “independent Kosovo will be committed to peace and stability” and that the state of Kosovo “will be formed based on the Ahtisaari plan”.

Kosovo’s UDI was first recognized by Costa Rica, followed by the U.S., Turkey, Afghanistan, Albania, Great Britain and France. Kosovo has so far been recognized by 98 UN members and 22 EU member states.