LDP leader calls on govt. to be honest about Kosovo

BELGRADE -- Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Čedomir Jovanović has called on the government representatives to be honest about the Kosovo issue.

Čedomir Jovanović (Beta, file)
Čedomir Jovanović (Beta, file)

He added that “there will be no Serbian institutions in Kosovo” with the current solution.

“Politicians have been running away from the truth for years, this is exactly why we have come to the point of national decline,” Jovanović said in a written statement.

“With such a solution there will be no Serbian institutions in Kosovo because Serbia in 1999, when it was led by politicians that are in power now, after a war with the entire world capitulated and lost the right to run Kosovo. Those can be institutions in whose work Serbs will participate together with Albanians, similar to those in Croatia or south of the Ibar River,” he underscored.

The LDP leader said “it is not enough for (Kosovo and Serbian PMs) Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci and Presidents Tomislav Nikolić and Atifete Jahjaga to reconcile in Brussels” and that it was necessary to implement a new policy that would secure permanent peace and normalization of joint life of Serbs and Albanians.

“It is good that the government is negotiating in Brussels but it is bad that they are keeping quiet about this policy in Serbia because that way they are depriving citizens of their right to step out of the policy of conflicts that has ruined our lives,” Jovanović said.

He stressed that people in Kosovo needed to accept the solution but that they could not do it if the politicians “are hiding the true nature of the agreement they want to reach”.

The LDP leader stated that Serbia did not need leaders that “are only capable of renouncing their past and policies they built on nationalistic messages until yesterday”.

“Belgrade and Priština should not reach an agreement in order to get a date for the start of the EU talks but so a generation could finally live in peace in this country, without fear of a new conflict. If this does not happen, Serbs and Albanians will have eternal antagonism and both people will continue to live in traumas of the imposed solution while searching for some new moment in the future when they will renew their conflict,” he said.

According to the LDP leader, “Serbs and Albanians, Serbia and Kosovo will remain unhappy and disoriented communities if a solution is not a model that will allow us to see our perspective in peace, cooperation, normal mutual relations, economic freedoms, respect of the rule of law, human and minority rights and freedoms”.