Opposition DSS party organizes anti-EU campaign

BELGRADE -- Opposition DSS party activists and officials gathered in downtown Belgrade today to promote their campaign against Serbia's EU integration.

Miloš Aligrudić (Tanjug)
Miloš Aligrudić (Tanjug)

Serbia's current policy on the EU runs contrary to the country's interests and is detrimental, they said.

DSS Vice-President and MP Miloš Aligrudić spoke with Belgraders and reporters, noting that the support among Serbians for a possible future EU membership had declined to 41 percent, and was likely to fall even further:

“That is because the EU is not compatible with Serbia's elementary interests, because Serbia is being de facto required, and later that will be formal, to accept the secession of its southern province, in the same way as certain EU officials made that clear, starting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president of the European Parliament (Martin Schulz), to German Ambassador to Serbia Heinz Wilhelm."

He explained that Thursday's "Stop to EU" campaign does not mean that Serbia should be against Europe, but that agreeing to blackmail that would take Kosovo from it was unacceptable.

"What the EU is imposing on Serbia and the model that is imposing on other countries - us in particular - blackmailing us over a part of our territory, is something that is not only unacceptable for political reasons, but also disastrous economically," he said.

Aligrudić added that the only point at which Serbia could prosper in relations with other European countries would be to turn to its own resources and to cooperate with all others, including with EU states, according to the bilateral principle that would benefit it.

The EU currently has no cure for its own recovery, he noted - "nor a system for investing progressively in future member-states". The organization also lacks any real program for the economic recovery of candidates, according to the high-ranking DSS official.

Aligrudić sees Serbia as a country existing in a limbo - an empty space from which it will not be able to emerge "if it continues along this path".