British ambassador: We support Serbia's EU efforts

BELGRADE -- British Ambassador in Belgrade Michael Davenport has stated that "the EU door will remain open for all those who meet the necessary criteria".

(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

He and added that his country "will continue supporting the efforts Serbia is investing in the EU accession process".

Davenport recalled that British Prime Minister David Cameron "voiced his vision" regarding the EU in the 21st century two days ago, according to which "Europe should be more flexible, adaptable and open, and at the same time more ready to tackle the challenges of the modern age".

Davenport underscored that further efforts in the enlargement process and accession of new members constitute an important element in Britain's vision of Europe in the 21st century.

"Great Britain will continue supporting Serbia in its EU accession process," Davenport stated during the presentation of the results of the internship program for civil servants in Britain's institutions.

The program is "a practical mode of support Britain is offering to Serbia on its EU path", Tanjug reported.

Results of internship program which Serbian civil servants completed in Britain's institutions were presented in the British Council in Belgrade on Friday.

The program was carried out by the British Council in cooperation with the European Integration Office and with the financial assistance from the British embassy.