N. Kosovo Serbs want "truth" about agreements

ZVEČAN -- Zvečan Mayor Dragiša Milović says Serbs in northern Kosovo "would like to know the full truth about the agreements reached in Brussels".


Speaking on Thursday, he added that they had partly blocked the road in the village of Rudare when they had heard that the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) units, border police and customs officers had headed for the north of the province as part of a convoy.

“Citizens came peacefully here, blocked the road, the decision being to send a message to Belgrade and the international public that these people want the whole truth about the agreements from Brussels,” Milović said.

“One kind of messages could be seen in the media, while they are trying to implement other things on the ground,” he estimated.

These people do not want to pay customs duties (at the administrative crossing), but we want to pay fees to our state, Serbia, and not to some state we do not recognize, Milović noted.

According to Milović, citizens have the right to hear the truth from the state leadership.

"We expect that the Serbian president and prime minister will receive us, because we do not want institutions of any other state here. We want to protect our institutions, that is to have the institutions of the state of Serbia, "

Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci earlier this month reached a temporary agreement on the collection of fees at the Brnjak and Jarinje administrative line crossings. The Brussels talks are held under the auspices of the EU.

It was agreed that the collected fees would go to a fund that would be formed by the EU, and would be used exclusively for the north Kosovo, in which Serbs constitute a majority.

Kosovo Serbs stopped three EULEX vehicles in the village of Rudare in the Zvčan municipality on the main road Priština-Raška on Thursday afternoon. The road is partly blocked with large concrete blocks, so that vehicles could pass between them.

After a short stop and talk with Serbs who blocked the road, the three EULEX vehicles returned in the direction of Priština.

About 500 meters away from the gathered Serbs, there are around 20 armored vehicles of the German KFOR contingent which formed a column "that also includes several vehicles of the KPS special unit", said Tanjug..