SNS official says Vojvodina authorities "must be replaced"

NOVI SAD -- The head of the deputy group of the SNS party in the Vojvodina assembly has said that this year will see a change of the provincial authorities.

A view of Novi Sad (Tanjug, file)
A view of Novi Sad (Tanjug, file)

Igor Mirović told Novi Sad's Dnevnik newspaper on Tuesday that this "must happen".

"The authorities responsible for everything they did in this and previous mandates must be replaced," he asserted.

A coalition led by the Democratic Party (DS) is currently in power on the provincial level, while the Progressives (SNS) are the leading party of the ruling coalition on the state level, where the Democrats are in opposition.

Responsibility cannot be avoided "for what happened" at the Development (Razvojna) Bank and the Fund for Capital Investments, Mirović, a member of the SNS presidency, warned.

"Political responsibility also cannot be avoided for passing the unconstitutional Law on APV (Autonomous Province of Vojvodina) Jurisdictions, the Statute, and for failing to determine a clear framework for the financing of the province," he stated, and added that he expected the current provincial government to resign.

"After that, we would go to early elections if no other (party) managed to put together a majority," Mirović was quoted as saying.