Progressives "decided on early elections", claims daily

BELGRADE -- The largest party in the ruling coalition, the SNS, "has decided to go to early parliamentary elections this year", an article published on Tuesday claims.

Aleksandar Vučić (Beta, file)
Aleksandar Vučić (Beta, file)

Belgrade-based tabloid Blic is quoting unnamed sources when it writes that Serbians could go to the polls "in April or September", while the next prime minister "could be (SNS leader) Aleksandar Vučić".

The daily identified its source as being "close to the top leadership of the ruling coalition", and quoted them as saying that a final decision would depend "on the development of negotiations with Kosovo and the EU".

According to the article, if the EU decides to put new conditions related to Kosovo before Serbia, this will be a signal that the country will not receive a date for the start of its EU membership talks - "and then elections could be held in April".

If, however, Serbia were to be given that date - "which is not very likely at the moment", the newspaper noted - the voting could take place in the fall.

"If negotiations were to be opened, they will start with Chapters 23 and 23 which relate to the judiciary and fight against corruption and crime, and after that elections will be called," the source was further quoted.

They also described First Deputy PM and Defense Minister Vučić as "more than determined to go to early elections and wishing to capitalize on the popularity enjoyed by himself and his party".

The source also reportedly told the daily that Vučić was "aware that he cannot make any progress in the economy and better life with this government and ministers and that the support he has will disappear in time".

However, the source was not willing to predict "what kind of government we will have after that", but was certain that Vučić "would be the new prime minister".